Some Top Kenyan Gospel Musicians Who Should Go Secular

Kenyan Gospel music became lucrative in the beginning of this decade starting 2010. The advent of churches that were in it for the business did much to propel this revolution to a point that many musicians saw that there was tonnes of cash to be made in this industry. There was, thus, a symbiotic relationship between the churches and the musicians; one needed a the other’s platform to break out while the other party needed the first to entertain tithe-paying congregation. As at now, we have companies set by deejays-turned-event organisers, with the sole purpose of reaping from this ungodly business. Safaricom’s multi-million sponsorship of Groove Awards is illustrative of this point. Its good to sing about God, but don’t you think, as a musician, you have responsibility over those who follow you?

The musicians am about to mention are but some of the many who have lowered the standard of what should entail a proper gospel song. In terms of talent though, they’re surely top calibre.

Jimmy Gait


He is notorious for infuriating the public and he knows it. Problem is, he doesn’t care about what you think. After all, that’s what showbiz is all about. Controversy sells. My contest of this mindset only comes because he is misleading thousands of teenagers in the process.


He’s the good boy on the list. Still, his desire for mainstream attention ruins everything. Deep down it always seems he yearns for headline-grabbing articles about him on gossip blogs like MPasho and Ghafla.


Size 8

When asked whether Tiga Wana, which she did with Willy Paul was actually gospel, her answer was that such music got young kids from clubs. Convincing or just a typical justification? Personally, I liked the “Shamba Boy” Size 8; she sang honestly.


 Willy Paul

He gets all the attention, because he seeks it. I remember an occasion where he decided to interfere with programming of the event he was scheduled to perform in by driving his car -which was conspicuously labelled WILLY PAUL- around the event to such that screaming girls came flocking for selfies. I mean, even Chris brown knows better. But that’s the Willy Paul we have come to know. Very talented but on the wrong side of art. From copying secular music to actually bringing the theatrics to his videos, its evident that Willy Poze belongs to secular world.


Kymo and Stigah

The duo made a name for themselves with the “Thitima” mega-hit. It’s a good song, comically speaking. But unfortunately, its relevance to a Christian audience is more than questionable.






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