Listen to Clint Brink feat. Tray V on the song “On the Radio”


Red Couch Records presents “On The Radio” by Clint Brink feat. Tray V. Who are these two artists?

Clint Brink is the lead singer for Chasing Time, a Cape Town based Pop band. Clint collaborates with producer (#TRMusic aka Tim Feder) on this song which also features Cape Town Hip Hop (TrapSoul) artist, Tray V. This collaboration is a showcase of their art as trio comprising of music producer, songwriter and singer.

“In these times where there are so many differences of opinions on all fronts, the one thing that keeps us together is found in the air waves, MUSIC. We can argue about many things but still jump into our cars and switch on our radios and most likely find ourselves dancing to the same songs”, Clint tells me.

“….We felt it was time for us as musicians, songwriters and music producers to let the world know that when you find yourself in disagreements, TURN THE RADIO UP!”

The song is recorded and mastered well such that it does not betray the positivity in its message.

The song is published by SOTN Cape Town and recorded at NU Faith Studios. Listen to it via Soundcloud below.


Important details:

Artists: Clint Brink ft. Tray V
Publisher: SOTN Cape Town
Producer: #TRMusic (Tim Feder)
Recorded at NU Faith Studios
Email: email:


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