Emanuel Edner – Hummingbirds


Emanuel Edner is an artist, composer, arranger, vocalist and guitarist, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, the same place he is based. Last year, Emanuel released his debut EP, “Hummingbirds EP” which consisted five original songs and was created without record label support.

A sound breathing soul, pop, rock, blues and gospel, and a unique construction glowing strong backing vocals, appealing melodies and meaningful messages. Entitled as innovative and something not heard before, it’s a raw mix of different influences and Emanuel Edner’s voice. Hummingbirds EP, composed and produced by Edner, co-produced by Åsmund Smidt, is recorded partly in the little Swedish town Östersund where rusty roof cover panels has been dragged into the studio, partly in Edner’s bedroom in Stockholm, as well as in Trondheim, Norway, where the production also has was mixed and mastered.

Hummingbirds as a single is part of the project, and about the song,  Edner says, “This song, and title track of the EP (with belonging music video) is created in the message of all the people that do not have a place in the first room. It’s about every human’s equal worth concerning the expectations one’s surrounding have on you, being unfulfilled”.

Listen to hummingbirds:



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