“Candyfloss” by Canadian James Wyatt Crosby will easily hypnotize you

There are songs we share on Aipate because of the artist’s potential and effort, then there are those which we share because we cant help but do that. Some of these would top my playlist anytime and I must say that “Candyfloss” by the Southern Ontario-based, Canadian multi-genre recording artist and producer, James Wyatt Crosby is easily one of those.

“I’d describe this song as being very soft and sweet, almost purposefully schmaltzy. We were trying to capture a kind of playful ‘lovey-dovey’ feeling by experimenting with different sorts of instrumentation and I think we made something really pretty. This dreamy little ditty is definitely chock full of instruments… between the vibes, strings, slide guitar and autoharp, it’s enough to make anyone blush”~ James, explaining to us about the song.

Listen to it, and be ready to be hypnotized.


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