Enterprise by Hans Glader, an EP review

At just 18 Hans Glader, a drummer-producer from the Bay Area, San Francisco, California already has an album and now, another project, an EP. Following The Story Of Life album, Enterprise EP is another creative mixture of genres, and seem to carry the philosophy that Hans puts into his creations. Well, he’d been drumming for 15 years, just so you know.

I use my background in jazz, rnb, and funk and love for hip-hop and rap to create a new, smooth sound. With my talent on the drums and piano, I create both live and midi tracks which I share with other independent rappers and singers to create these new jazz and hip-hop fused songs ~ Hans Glader

“Enterprise” is a 5-track project that consists of jazz-infused Hip Hop tracks and another gem, a reggae track -the second track in the EP.  “Starting Anew” features General Steel and is THAT good.

The first track, “If I only Knew” features REP and Ilia Skibisnsky while the third, “Money On My Brain” is an energetic wittily-composed piece in which he collaborates with Fee-Z and Evan Porter.

“Whats Real”, featuring FAT Fly Freddie Lee and “Last Man Standing” featuring Jay Hollin and Artem Zhulyev complete the EP and these others too are good in production, vocals and writing.

The release is an interesting one and am sure you will find it worth twenty minutes of listening.

You can also get it on Soundcloud or iTunes.


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