Natalie Major -“City Of Gold”

Chicago-native, Los Angeles based indie-pop singer/songwriter Natalie Major released her latest song, “City Of Gold” a month ago. The track is a collaboration with producer Rob Kleiner.

In the recent past Natalie collaborated with the Dutch DJ group Showtek on their latest single “On Our Own” which reached 8 million + plays on Spotify since April 2017. She has other collaborations with Tiesto and Bobby Puma on their song “Someone Somewhere” which was released as a summer single from Tiesto’s ClubLife Vol. 4 compilation album.

The song charted at number “5” on Beatport’s Top 100 as well as Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50. Other successes include Natalie’s singing of the National and Canadian Anthem in the very popular basketball video games “NBA 2k15 & NBA 2k16”.

“City Of Gold” is a dark down tempo pop song that describes the disillusionment that comes with chasing your dreams in Los Angeles. Produced by Rob Kleiner (Sia, Andra Day, Haley Reinhart, ZZ Ward) the minimal track gives slow, methodical feel leaving it open to be a song that tells a story of what it’s like to put yourself out there, focus on reality and keep going because you’re passionate about what you do.”

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