Listen to “On My Own” by Japanese-American singer, Nothing But You, Nicky

Japanese-American singer Nicky (styled as Nothing But You, Nicky), has released a new ballad, “On My Own”.  Released through Phoenix Records, this song saw award-winning talents come in to breathe life into it; composer Emine Sari, producer Cihat Atlig and engineer Joel Evenden all put their best effort to give us this great record.

Nothing but You, Nicky has already become a darling of the taste-maker blogs and radio stations and this new release will definitely help cement her place in them.

This is how TMN Magazine commented on this:  “The most striking feature of recent single is definitely the unique voice of this singer: she can go deep and warm, but also bright and lush, showcasing a really wide-ranging tone that is suitable for any style.”

Listen to “On My Own” via Soundcloud.


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