Newtimers release video for “Game Over”

“Game Over is the new single by Newtimers, a Swedish R&B outfit. The song’s simpel and vertical video has just been released through Cosmos Music label. The duo, formed back in 2004, consists of vocalist Cavaco and producer Tim Lundard, who also handles the drums.

They had been writing songs for various artists in the background but later, they decide to drop the veil.

“Game Over” is a song they made about emptiness that lies beyond beautiful surfaces and was inspired by both of theuir dating experiences.

On the video, the Newtimers said, “The video was done in one take, live, right then and there. We wanted to give people a portrait of us and our essence, bad dance moves and all. [Director] John Artur channels us like no other”

Watch the video below via Youtube.

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