Daniel Pearson shares “Pieces Of A Puzzle”

Singer-songwriter Daniel Pearson follows up his 2015 Alone, Together album with a new single release. “Pieces Of A Puzzle” is the track and this one fuses beautiful piano melodies and lovely guitar tunes. It is an emotionally imbued indie-folk song.

I guess this song, like a lot of my new material, is trying to make sense of the world in 2018. Like everyone else I’m asking questions, looking for answers, hoping for optimism in pretty dark times – and there’s no fast track or easy way to doing or finding those things. Pieces Of A Puzzle feels like a part of that search, and the music has this new-frontier, big-canyon vibe to it that fits the idea of a journey” ~ Pearson

He has two singles in the works. These will be released…one in February and the other in March.


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