Listen to Shakals’ “New Role Models” [With Lyrics]

Out of Helsinki, Finland is an indie-rock band called Shakals. They have released a new single titled “New Role Models”. The Ennio Morricone influenced song carries a deep post-apocalyptic feel in it. The single has been released with another song, “Black Holes” as a B-side track.

Shakals consists of vocalist Jussi Alamikkelä, guitarist/vocalist Rami Hirvelä, Ville Kääntä (guitars, keyboards, vocals), bass guitarist Veli-Matti Pokela and Matias Myllymäki on the drums.

Listen to the song.

Song Lyrics:

So I woke up in a hole in the floor

47 doors waiting for a lit up number

I can’t climb up the walls

Never ending courses

Check me with a flashlight

Give me your hand

Oh just give me your hand

And I move on without a sign from the sky

Never tell me why these people have eyes so centered

Yet all the focus is gone

Billions on the run

What if it became a pattern of fall

And does it matter at all?

Silver skyline

We’re given wings then we dive

Husbands and their wives looking for new role models

It’s so easy to hide

Take it to the other side

Take it where it just don’t matter at all

How can it matter at all

So I let go

Leave me float in the air

Did you ever dare

Risking your so called freedom

Your primal shape in disguise

Now we’re on the other side

Now you know it just don’t matter at all

How can it matter at all?



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