MADSIUSOVANDA want you to “Pretend To Be Blind” [Aipate Premiere]

Out right now is the visuals/single by German outfit MADSIUSOVANDA titled “Pretend To Be Blind”. The video presents a piano-assisted, stripped-back version of the song. With their debut EP, Into The Stars coming up (with the release date being 4th May), this serves as the first single off the project. The EP will also contain a full band version of this song.

The pop duo gives you music that warms you up. The moving lyrics, hypnotic drums and wide-range melody patterns turn each of their song into a complete package.

“While witnessing our beloved world over the past few years we feel like everything is falling apart. That’s why the message of this song is heartfeltly crucial to us. Driven by a powerful yet mellow vocal performance and simple but colourful piano chords, the song deals with the paralytic feeling of disconnection in our community and not being able to bear all the anguish in our world” ~ MADSIUSOVANDA

Watch the video, as premiered on Aipate.


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