St. Domonick Answers the Call in his video for “Track 4”

By Tulsa Lines
About 1 minute and 25 seconds into the video for “Track 4”, a phone rings. St. Domonick is seen dressed in a white button-up shirt and sitting in a luxurious house with tall white ceilings. He’d been rapping the track “In my mind”. He stops to answer. Who could this be? For St. Domonick, an artist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, this may be the one call that helps push his career to the next level.

St. Domonick’s recent project, Santos Swim School (#SSS) is a musical masterpiece. It shows the growth and progression of an artist who deserves to be called up to the big leagues. Prior to the phone call, you could see St. Domonick ‘cruising’ through the city of Tulsa and showcasing some of his favorite spots, such as TNT Wangs which is a locally owned business that has embraced the culture and spirit that St. Domonick loves and represents — Hip-hop.

The track continues to play in the background while the voice on the other line says “Dom where’s the fuccin tape nigga?”. And then the track switches back to “Track 4”.

Watch the video directed by Nativemello

St. Domonick is an independent artist known for his deep, introspective flow and love for 90’s nostalgic fashion which has set him apart in such a big pool of artists.
Stream his songs via Soundcloud.

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