Alter Ego EP by Reuben Dope and M’s Kemunto – A Review

Enter the world of Reuben Dope and M’s Kemunto through their Alter Ego EP

Kata” sounds like a club-banger. Something you should listen to in a club, not on headphones like I did.

“Love or Lust” makes one feel like taking their significant other on a romantic trip to a beach resort (specifically a hot and humid beach, not like those beaches in temperate zones), and soak up all the heat while doing nothing “till December”.

“Ready When You Are” starts with a wonderful beat that reminds you of 70s-90s rumba. It’s a good song, but in my personal opinion, I feel that there’s just one dull beat sitting there in the back that prevents it from giving you climactic feelings in your ears. It’s not perfect. It’s almost perfect,but it’s perfect in its imperfection. As it ends, you feel like it should never have stopped.

The EP’s tracks arrangement seems to tell a story. From the start of a love story between the singer and her man in the first track with lyrics like “by my side… ridin’…” to the end of their dalliance with “why did you have to go and mess up?… Ukihisi kuenda, go on”, you kind of get the story that RD and M’s Kemunto are telling.

At the end of it all, what’s the point of the EP? I think it’s love. A rapid, rabid kind of love that has ups and downs the same way the songs in it are all about different perceptions of a love story – introduction, intimacy, anger, peace.

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About The Cover Art

I don’t know what it signifies. So I won’t attempt to be snobbish and explain something I don’t know.


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