BAER -“Addicted to Vibes” [Lyric Video]

BAER has released “Addicted To Vibes”, a song she was co-wrote with JVZEL and Mugz. The Zack Djurich-produced track comes in the heels of the LA-based pop artist’s “Taxi”, a song she had done with Mickey Shiloh. The singer is working on more singles this year and has plans of releasing an album later in 2019. The pop-driven “Addicted To Vibes” is quite an excitingly smooth song.

Addicted To Vibes is an anthem for all the young people in complicated relationships who can’t commit. I currently live in LA, so I talk to friends all the time who are clearly in some sort of romantic situation, but act the opposite. It’s almost like you gotta self sabotage the relationship so you can still be in control.“~ BAER

The Taiwan-born multi-cultural musician was partially raised in Canada. She released her debut EP, Breathe The Same, in 2016, after moving from Taiwan to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams. The project’s title-track and lead single went on to do well in the charts, peaking at #33 on Spotify’s USA Viral 50 playlist.


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