Stream Baby Boy Blue’s new EP, Twelve A.M.

We love it when a lovely song leads us to a beautifully done project. In this case, its Baby Boy Blue‘s “Summertime”, which is the lead single to his just-released Twelve A.M. EP. In fact, if you remember, we had earlier in the year featured the 5-track EP’s second single, “I.L.Y“. The project, released on September 28th, carries the artist’s signature chill vibe and comes imbued with a smooth electropop feel.

Baby Boy Blue is a 22-year-old, Edmonton, Alberta-based, Canadian dark pop singer who derives influence from artists like The Neighbourhood, The Weeknd and The 1975. Having started playing shows from the age of just 15, it was only a matter of time before he gained festival status. Although he has some way to go, he has so far opened for Marianas Trench on their Astoria tour as well as for Virginia To Vegas during his time with a previous project. His debut single, Mary Goes Around” came in the fall of 2017.

About the EP, Baby Boy Blue remarks: “Twelve A.M. is the perfect time of night when anything can happen. A person’s true darkness can come out; drugs, sex, rock and roll and sleeping of course…

Other songs in the EP include: “Freak Show”, “Bubble Gum” and “Mary Goes Around”. Get a feel of the singer’s lush vocals as you stream Twelve A.M. below

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