Olivia Morreale sings about “The Hardest Part” in new single [Aipate Premiere]

Arriving today as an exclusive premiere via Aipate is the latest song from Italian-American singer/songwriter Olivia Morreale. The song serves as the third track off the 22-year-old, R&B/Soul artist’s upcoming debut EP, Daytime Moon. The energy-filled song lyrically describes the challenge of having to learn about life the hard way. The track combines contemporary sounds with inspirations derived from old funk and soul classics.

Though she is currently based in Los Angeles, Olivia grew up in an Italian-American family in Washington, DC and, later, New York City. She was always encouraged to pursue her passions, and considering her childhood love of music, she slowly gravitated towards the theater and subsequently, the late-night R&B/Jazz jam sessions. Armed with this rich background and her powerful vocals, she has, thus, matured into a musical powerhouse. She channels into her love for poetry and literature and brings us these amazing creations.

Stream the song and follow Olivia on: Instagram | Facebook | Spotify | Website


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