Hilaire’s new song talks of a “Happy Hangover”

“Happy Hangover” is the latest release from Hilaire. The artist recently debuted her solo career after a successful stint behind the desk as a songwriter. We, in fact, shared “Loved & Lost”, a previous song she did. The composition describes a situation where a relationship leads to so much happiness, such that the feeling replaces the urge for alcohol.

The song was written in Los Angeles, when I didn’t have any sadness in me to write from (my usual muse). Instead, we wrote a cool, sexy, feel-good pop song about being hungover from happiness” ~ Hilaire

The track was featured on the new NBC show, I Feel Bad. This is only an indicator of how good it is. For specific reasons, you can either consider the engaging songwriting or the velvety vocals and still, it will be like you are assuming its powerful electro-backed production.

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