Hearts & Colors – “LA On A Saturday Night” [Video]

Hearts & Colors is a Swedish pop duo whose music has already raked in hundreds of millions of streams. They have just shared a stunning, Jay Martin-directed visuals for their new single, “LA On A Saturday Night”. The Scandinavian artists (Philip and Nico) had previously released songs like “Too Many Friends”, “Waterbed” and “Lying to Myself”. These records were released courtesy of Island Records.

“LA On A Saturday Night” is a powerful, electropop song that drips honesty. It describes the frustrations associated with one falling for the wrong person. Dressed in velvety vocals, the composition was meant to grip’s the listener’s heart– and the song does just that.

“This song holds a very special place in our heart. We wrote this song together with some friends up north in Sweden almost 2 years ago. I remember it being the third and last song of that specific day that we had written – we almost didn’t get there – but luckily one of us picked up on this amazing idea, and the song became ‘LA On a Saturday Night’.” ~ Hearts & Colors 

Starting out as an indie-folk duo, the two friends, who hail from the outskirts of Gothenburg, soon hit the jackpot when their single “Lighthouse” became a viral hit. Watch “LA On a Saturday Night” via YouTube.


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