RuthAnne – “It Is What It Is” [Video]

As we await to cross over into 2019, most of us are working on a to-do list. For RuthAnne, an album is likely top of the list. Meanwhile, she has been releasing a string of singles like “Liquid“, “The Vow” and “Take My Place”. She is now back with an acoustic, piano ballad titled “It Is What It Is”. The soulful song was released via The Other Songs. 

“The song is a bittersweet acceptance about a relatable relationship issue… you know, the ‘I’ll be the one that changes him thing. The truth is, that when someone wants to be in a relationship with you, they WILL be happily with you regardless of timing or circumstance…..‘It Is what It Is’ is about me finally taking the power back and saying to a certain person that I deserve more. I stuck by my words and never went there again.” ~ RuthAnne

“It Is What It is” was co-written with Fraser T Smith. Watch the song’s official video which was shot at the London Palladium and directed by Elle Lotherington. 


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