Shez Raja -“Epiphany” feat. Trilok Gurtu & Wayne Krantz 

On “Epiphany”, an eclectic mix of cultures come to play, and the result is a beautiful and groovy jazz record that will transport you into tranquility . The song is by British-Asian bass player Shez Raja and features celebrated percussionist Trilok Gurtu and renowned guitarist Wayne Krantz. “Epiphany” is lifted off of the musician’s forthcoming album Journey to Shambhala, a project which is scheduled to drop this May. This concept album will regale the listener with the story of a young man on a quest to find the mystical city of Shambhala. It was, in fact, inspired by Shez’s childhood travels to India’s Punjab region with his father.

“My vision for this recording was to merge my rich musical heritage with my diverse playing experience to create exciting and passionate music that blends East with West. Collaborating with Trilok and Wayne has been an incredibly inspiring experience and I’m so grateful for the originality and artistry that they’ve contributed to this album”.  ~ Shez Raja

Shez makes music supported by his London-based band.


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