6 Electronic Pop & Dance songs to listen to right now [April 2019]

Going through a tonne of releases, Aipate picks six electro-pop and dance pop tracks that we feel will excite you. The selected songs are by Maybon, Dusky Grey, Andrew Waines, GA3TAN, ELIZZA and Sammy Green.

Maybon – “Do We Even Matter” feat. Kim Cesarion

20-year-old Norwegian artist and producer Maybon shares a new single, “Do We Even Matter”. The song features Swedish singer Kim Cesarion. It was written about finding your place in the world and was meant to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness, and chase their dreams.

Maybon was born Eivind Wøien in the rural parts of Norway. His interest in making music spans back to when he was just a young kid.

Dusky Grey – “Uncontrollable”

UK pop outfit Dusky Grey (a duo consisting of Catty and Gethin) has a new single out here and it’s titled “Uncontrollable”. Their first record of 2019, “Uncontrollable” is also their first release on the label Parlophone. The electronic dance/pop piece has an excitingly great sound. It’s composition and the singer’s vocals are also quite good and further help thrusts it up as one of the interesting dance tracks of the year, so far. Listen.

Andrew Waines – “Till The Music Stops”

Canadian pop newcomer Andrew Waines releases new single, “Till The Music Stops”. The release offers the young artist a chance to showcase his multiple talents; he’s a producer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist. The 21-year-old’s fourth ever single, the record follows his successful cover of Wham!‘s “Last Christmas”. About “Till The Music Stops”, Andrew says:

When I write I tend to go for broad topics. ‘Till the Music Stops’ is about not expecting someone else to make the first move and, when they do, never wanting that feeling to fade.

GA3TAN – “Connection”

Haitian producer GA3TAN has a new single “Connection”. The song finds him blending local Haitian sounds with pop and Island dance vibes. The record carries sweet female vocals that affixes an appealing edge to it. GA3TAN hails from the city of Port-au-Prince. Follow him on Instagram.

ELIZZA – “Sins”

For her first single of 2019, ELIZZA reveals “Sins”, song that is filled with heightened passion. The dance/pop piece was inspired by the UK singer’s experience of  ‘going crazy for someone and making mistakes that feel good, without regretting it’. It is about falling for and losing oneself in the romance with someone, who in an ideal situation, could never be the right match. The song imbues a lush soundscape, with a crisp production touch from London-based producer Mafro.

Sammy Green – “Too Fresh”

“Too Fresh” is a song by US-based, Nigerian artist Sammy Green. The song goes smooth lyrically while still sounding sharp that blends rap, pop and Afrobeat. The artist has a new project out now and it’s titled Living In Diaspora. Find and sample other releases form this artist on his soundcloud page.

Did you like our selection? Tell us below in the comments’ section.

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