Watch Rachelle Rhienne in new video, “M2M”

Sassy Scottish singer/songwriter Rachelle Rhienne reveals a new single and video, “M2M (Midnight to Morning)”. Sung in English with a sultry vocal delivery and over a Latinpop-flavoured dance/pop tune, the singer gets to impress. Also, she’d co-written the song with Chris Swan and James Birt. The music video was directed and edited by Arran Christie Dawson, with input form Rachelle. “M2M” arrived on Bright Star Records.

Filming and organising the video for ‘M2M’ has been the most challenging but fun experience I have had yet with video shoots. I really wanted to be involved as much as possible with the storyline and aimed to have a very personal input to the essence of the video’s theme. I worked alongside Arran Christie Dawson (videographer) in directing the video and we were delighted at how everything came together on the day. The video really managed to capture the energy and vibe there was on the day which is what we needed to fit the energy of the song” ~ Rachelle Rheienne

The singer/songwriter is currently a judge on BBC’s All Together Now, a show presented by Geri Halliwell and Rob Beckett.


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