Stream Conrad Clifton’s new track “Silent City (Everything Is Connected”

Brooklyn-based electronic producer and artist Conrad Clifton has a new single out here and it’s also the first release that features his own vocals. “Silent City (Everything Is Connected” is an Afro-house track which carries a vibe similar to that of South African maestro Black Coffee. With an exciting soundscape, the new song arrives in the heels of another successful single, “Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)”. About it, Conrad says:

NYC is one of the craziest cities on earth, congested with millions of people, and it never sleeps. But if you happen to come home from a long night out, at 4 or 5 in the morning, you’ll have a chance to experience this city at rest. It’s actually pretty quiet. Calm, even. The street lights and bodega signs are reflecting off the damp concrete. Steam is rising from the manhole covers, as you walk to the train – it’s a time to reflectYou wonder ‘where are all those people now? what is their life?’ And that leads to thoughts of how, all of us are what gives this city life. Then you’re down a rabbit hole pondering humanity haha. A much longer conversation, but that’s where the song comes from. I wanted to give people that existential feeling I felt. The calm in the middle of chaos. Or, at least plant a seed that starts a deeper conversation.

Conrad Clifton is also the founder of the label, Infinity Pool Recordings.


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