Juacali, Samaki Mkuu and Romantico unveil “Baila Baila” [Video]

“Baila Baila”, the new single and video from Juacali, Romantico and Samaki Mkuu is finally here. It is an exciting, energy-filled and club-ready record but beyond the music is the artists’ interesting backgrounds; while Samaki Mkuu is a Kenyan Olympic swimmer-turned-rapper, Romantico is a Mexican-born missionary who’s found a new calling on the mic. For Juacali, well, he’s simply the King of Genge, a rap style originating from Nairobi.

“Baila Baila” follows up Romantico & Samaki Mkuu’s debut song “Mbaya” and the duo is getting read to unveil fresh collaborations with Munju Reh, Vanessa Mdee, Lemarti and Sanaipei.



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