Watch “Don’t Tell Me No” video by Locos Por Juana feat. Freddie McGregor

If you’re a fan of reggae music, chances are that you have sang along to at least one song by Jamaican singer and producer Freddie McGregor. So, I’m sure you will love “Don’t Tell Me No”, the new record in which the legendary musician has been featured by Miami-based, Grammy-nominated band Locos Por Juana. Written and sung in Spanish and English, the song’s familiar theme will, most certainly, resonate with every listener.

“Don’t Tell Me No” was released on Rock The Moon, the label which Locos Por Juana is signed to. This innovative band is composed of Itawe Correa (lead vocalist), Mark Kondrat (guitarist), Javier Delgado (drummer) and David Pransky (bassist). Their style is a fusion of reggae, funk, cumbia, salsa, and rock music.



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