Abe Parker keeps away from the wrong crowd in new song “Cool Kid”

Many people will attest to having encountered a friendship that left them feeling used and treated like some sort of stepping stone. That’s the source of inspiration for Abe Parker’s new single, “Cool Kid”. With honest lyrics delivered in piercing-sharp vocals, this one will captivate the listeners’ multiple sense. Musically, the track combines trap with singer/songwriter elements. “Cool Kid” is an official leak off of the emerging US artist’s forthcoming album.

“I think we all know the pain of being used. And sometimes, as much as you wanted to believe someone is gonna change and make things right, you just have to cut off the negative influence in your life. I wrote this song about that letting go.” ~ Abe

Born in Blue Rock, Ohio, Abe Parker later moved to Atlanta to follow his dream. His style combines guitar chops and pop sensibility to create a unique and infectious sound. With his music, he’s toured from Maine to California and shared the stage with acts such as Andy Grammer, Johny Swim, Ben Rector, Judah and the Lion, Andrew Ripp, David Crowder and many more. 


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