Molly Hammar shares another single: listen to “Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)”

Swedish singer/songwriter Molly Hammar impresses once again with another beautiful song. “Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)”, which has dropped today, saw her partnering up with some big names; it was co-written with Professor P (who’s worked with Avicii, Daniel Adams-Ray) and produced by PARO. It is a powerful song that retains gripping soulful melodies and vulnerable lyrics.

“Shortcuts” arrives after the artist’ singles like “WORDS” and her summer collaboration with Cesarion on “Show Me“. It yet another release that re-calls listeners’ attention to Molly’s vocal prowess.

“I’m so tired of not being a superstar”, Molly quips with a twinkle in her eye. “I said that to my songwriters, and that’s how ‘Shortcuts’ was born. “Shortcuts” is about all the shortcuts you can take towards fulfilling your dreams and the struggle I think everyone faces when you have big dreams and want to achieve them. All the pressure that comes with it, the frustration, the longing. I’ve learned that taking the long road always pays off in the end, if you want something that’s gonna last. Both career wise and in life. It’s a frustration anthem in the most beautiful way.

The song is out courtesy of Cosmos Music.

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