Listen to Selfish by “Chris Ayer”

“Selfish” is a song by Virginia-raised and Los Angeles-based US singer/songwriter Chris Ayer. It’s part of the musician’s new project Endless Wonder, a ten-track release. “Selfish” carries a captivating pop-folk instrumentation. This is a beautiful piece of work — vocally and lyrically too.

“… it was a painful realization that spending too much time alone, and getting used to the sound of your own voice can bring a kind of isolation and selfishness to your world view. This song explores the fear that needing to know there’s anyone else on the other end of the line might be a selfish neediness, as compelling and urgent as it feels. And generally that pushing all the oxygen out of the room and then gasping for air is a pretty illogical way to behave. To deprive yourself of the connection and love you need, and then feel starved for it … I think writing about it was an important way of addressing it lovingly, without feeding into unproductively self-loathing narratives.”

Chris Ayer, explaining “Sefish”

Listen to the song and sample Endless Wonder via on Soundcloud.

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