Dub FX & Sahida Apsara – “Pull Up”

Australian electronic dub style artist Dub FX is gearing up to drop his reggae-inspired album, Roots (due January 31st). In building anticipation for the LP, the Melbourne native has just shared “Pull Up”, a single off of it. Featuring vocalist Sahida Apsara, the song is lyrically mind-provoking, touching on socio-economic themes. Still, the track is meant for the dancefloor, with heavy bass and grooves that will keep the listener’s body engaged, either dancing or nodding.

“I wanted to blend sweet, airy vocals reminiscent of “Sister Nancy” while keeping the foundations strong and heavy with the bass and drums. Sahida really came through with the vocal on this tune and I’m blessed to be married to such an inspirational artist!”

Dub FX

You can stream/download “Pull Up” here.

The tickets for the scheduled album promotion tour are available here.


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