Listen: Cara Hammond – “Ready For The Fall” [Video]

“Ready For The Fall” by talented UK singer/songwriter Cara Hammond sits somewhere in between pop and soul. For those who’ve been listening to her, apart from her moving voice, such a blend is what they expect. “Ready For The Fall” is a lovely song that Cara wrote in Stockholm alongside Tom Goren and Caroline Ljungstrom.

The artist’s first single of the year, it’s release also coincided with the announcement of two new London shows: one at The Water Rats (January 10th) and the other at The Bedford (January 21st). Later, Cara Hammond will be gracing the stage at Focus Festival in Wales on 9th May and Lowde Charity Festival in Hampshire on 11th July.

“Being in your twenties is difficult and confusing as hell. There’s so many life changes, paths to choose, and heartbreaks to endure which help you figure out who you are. ‘Ready For The Fall’ sums up those feelings in asking yourself if you’re ready to take those chances. It’s everyone’s inner monologue, where our mind is split between taking a leap of faith or playing it safe. It’s a way to protect ourselves from getting hurt, ’cause life’s a bitch.”

Cara Hammond

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