Exploring Indie Rock: Some songs for your playlist

For the indie rock heads, here are four songs to squeeze into your playlist(s). Three of them are in the form of music videos.

The Bluechips – “Deception”

Jake Albi (vocals & drums), Paul Beladino (vocals & guitar) and Tom Davis (bass guitar) are the three musicians who form the rock outfit The Bluechips. The trio is based out of New York’s Westchester County and their song “Deception” is a great way to introduce you to them. This single is in fact part of their first full-length album titled Illegal Machine (released November 2019). “Deception” offers an engaging listening experience.

Sea Girls – “Ready For More”

British rock band Sea Girls have a way of turning every release into an irresistible singalong. Their latest single “Ready For Me” retains that enticing feel. The song which which is taken from their upcoming EP Under The Lights (due this March, via Polydor Records) precedes the outfit’s highly anticipated announcement of their festival appearances. The clip that accompanies the song was directed by Sophia & Robert of Odelay Films.

King No-One – “Now Willing To Sacrifice Life”

On January 31, UK pop/rock band King No-One returned with a new catchy tune. “Not Willing To Sacrifice My Life” involves a synth-supported instrumentation and generally sounds invitingly edgy. The track was produced and mixed by Gethin Pearson and mastered by Robin Schmidt. Its music video was directed by Matthew Boone.

Four members strong, King No-One is based out of York and most recently, released their debut EP Out Of My Mind.

The Sweet Kill – “Break Me Out”

Aipate introduces The Sweet Kill. This is a one-man project created by Pete Mills, a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Highlighted is “Break Me Out”, a song which he co-wrote together with Nina Bergman and Donal Finn. According to Pete (who is found on Instagram @thesweetkill), this piece ‘personifies a phoenix rising from the ashes in a suppressed society’.

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