Hear Kelli-Leigh in her new song “Cotton Clouds”

British singer-songwriter Kelli-Leigh unveils her first release of the year. The romance-hinged, R&B-pop hybrid is named “Cotton Clouds” and reminds us of the artist’s inviting vocals. A high-tempo and vibrant jam, it is addictive enough to get the listener’s finger glued to the rewind button. And with the lyrics being so intimate and relatable, each listen translates into a hearty singalong.

Kelli-Leigh wrote the song with Kristine Bogan and Yoda Francesco and about it, she says: “The song took just four hours to write at my first session in Amsterdam with PRS & Sony ATV. Kristine & I clicked straight away as we had a similar relationship history and we were both smitten with partners. Yoda is an incredible musician and the 3 of us just flowed and created this melodic baby I’m in love with.


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