Introducing Pat McCay: listen to his new album titled Ready

With a new album named Ready, South African indie-folk singer/songwriter Pat McCay‘s career gets refocused and re-energized. The Cape Town native had made his debut 10 years ago. At that time, he went by the moniker Two Minute Puzzle and proceeded to carve space for himself in the festival circuit. Now, after reevaluation of his personal journey, he’s making music (under his birth name) that introspectively channels deeper into the meaning of life.

Ready offers 7 songs, each as heartwarming as the next. Raw, acoustic yet charming, that’s how I’d describe the album. And for fans of indie-folk, it doesn’t veer off (sonically) at all.

Above is the title-track, about which Pat says: “We live in a world that pushes the unattainable notion of perfection, and many of us live under the illusion that we will pursue our dreams one day, when all the stars align. ‘Ready’ vocalises the idea that we will never truly be ready to take those first uncomfortable steps towards our destiny if we don’t start seeing failure as feedback. We need to realise that failing is not only okay, it’s absolutely necessary for growth. In this way, understanding that we’re never quite ready actually readies us all the more to move towards the journey we wish to take.

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