Hip-hop music roundup: 7 boom bap songs to check out [part 2]

The interest that last week’s boombap hip-hop selection generated informed our decision to share another one sooner that originally anticipated. Part 2 features Revenge Of The Truence, Young Black and Gifted, Vision Set Above & Breana Marin, 60 East & A-F-R-O, Teck-Zilla & Psalmurai, Dshaw225 and MRK SX.

Revenge Of The Truence – “The Outbreak”

New York hip-hop duo Revenge Of The Truence (MuGGz and Tay Dayne) recently dropped a grimy new track “The Outbreak”. It is, as a matter of fact, a precursor to their forthcoming EP titled H1N1. They recruited producer Endemic Emerald who crafted a headbanging boombap track. Each of the emcees’ unrushed yet laser-sharp delivery emits potent lyricism, something that stretches across the EP. H1N1 arrives June 5 via No Cure Records (you can pre-order it via Bandcamp).

Young Black and Gifted – “It’s A Wrap”

Young Black and Gifted, an outfit made up by rapper Azariah and producer Kidd Called Quest, has been making waves in the ‘underground’ rap scene for some time. Their newest track “It’s A Wrap” sees the Rochester, New York-based duo extending their influence. The heavy-hitting beat and production by Kidd Called Quest, and the witty rhymes that Azariah lays over it, turns the song into an exhibition of rap mastery. With the release date of their planned album The Second Coming soon being communicated, “It’s A Wrap” renews the excitement.

Vision Set Above x Breana Marin – “Cultured”

Because “Cultured” is a statement unto the rap industry, up-and-coming Californian rapper Vision Set Above (born Evan Jacob MacElwee) felt he had to seek the services of LA-based on-demand vocalist Breana Marin for the chorus. The singer’s enchanting hook invites the listener’s attention to Evan’s verses and, as he takes the cue, we meet an artist who’s been educated about the art. That, definitely, was the intended outcome for “Cultured”. The track was produced by Dreamlife.

60 East x A-F-R-O – “Sleep Talk”

As an emcee, 60 East has a style so unique that he is easily differentiated from his peers. On “Sleep Talk”, his new collaboration with A-F-R-O, he stays consistent. The Curtiss King-produced track provides the ground above which they both flex their cadences. Besides being a proof of the trio’s developed chemistry, “Sleep Talk” also properly introduces us to the hugely talented A-F-R-O.

Teck-Zilla x Psalmurai – “Soul Calibre” / “Samurai Dreams”

Nigerian hip-hop musicians Teck-Zilla and Psalmurai‘s 3-track collaborative EP, Enter The Double Dragon was a huge feat for each of them. They got to expand their scope while also keeping their core fanbase engaged. Well, having revealed the visuals for “God Level” with the release of the project, they have now presented a two-in-one video for the other singles, “Soul Calibre” and “Samurai Dreams”. The Psalmurai-directed clip is, in a way, a continuation from “God Level” and shows the artists’ (especially Teck-Zilla’s) love for martial arts.

Dshaw225 – “Still Wildin'”

For his song “Still Wildin ‘”, Louisiana emcee Dshaw225 sampled MF DOOM’S classic “Doomsday”. Gracing it with his own signature style, the young rapper flows smoothly over the laid-back instrumental. His pensive lyrics provides an insight into his music journey and the ambition that has helped him overcome the challenges. “Still Wildin'” is a great introduction Dshaw225.

MRK SX – “Good Life”

Detroit rapper MRK SX dropped his new EP, The 40 Year Old Rapper, on April 24. “Good Life” is one of the tracks on the record. The song was produced by Royce Da 5’9, an artist whose reputation as a producer is growing fast – Royce produced all the tracks on his latest album The Allegory. “Good Life” is smooth, lyrical and has one hell of a hook.

Enjoy, and consider checking out last week’s picks.

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