Night Traveler’s only request is that you “Put Your Money on Me”; listen to the duo’s new song

“Put Your Money On Me” is the latest single by Austin-based indie-rock duo Night Traveler. So good it is that by the strength of it alone, it’s tempting to proclaim that their upcoming debut album (of which this is the first single) will be a massive release. The hazy track involves a combination of inviting synths, blasting drums and ethereal guitars. The warm vocals, in itself, is a perfect instrument for the delivery of the immensely reassuring lyrics.

“Put Your Money On Me” is about the risks and uncertainty of chasing one’s dreams and the constant hope that those around you will continue sticking with you.

“Pursuing dreams takes so much sacrifice. It’s late nights, no sleep, financial risk, your loved one sleeping alone. And often, this burden falls on the people around you. ‘Put Your Money On Me’ is about asking the ones you love to hold on a little longer. To keep believing in you. It’s a song about looking them right in the eye and being damn sure when you say, ‘I’m not letting you down’”

Night Traveler

Adam Fischer and Hunter Glaske (the musicians behind Night Traveler) will accompany the forthcoming album with a film documenting the recording process.

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