New Release Friday: 10 new songs out on June 19th

Happy New Release Friday! Here are 10 songs out on June 19th.

Ramz – “Underneath”

UK grime rapper Ramz has today shared a new single. Naming it “Underneath”, he gets to deliver a lovely tune that heaps lots of praises on black women and, particularly, the beauty of the dark skin. The track was produced by Capri and 169 and arrives alongside sleek visuals filmed in London by director Kirx. Lyrics aside, “Underneath” is fun and enjoyable.

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M.O. Littles x Dru – “Till The Morning”

“Till The Morning” is a new release that pairs Canadian artists M.O. Littles and Dru. The hip-hop flavoured R&B tune arrives in time for the summer. With a pop-styled melody looped throughout the track, the track sounds quite playful. “Till The Morning” was written while the two were on tour in Europe.

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Rayne – “Bored”

Emerging Canadian singer and songwriter Rayne is out with another single she’s called “Bored”. The song has that typical pop flair and introduces us to an exciting burgeoning talent. Its upbeat style, coupled the artist’s great voice, adds an arresting feel to the composition. 18-year-old Rayne remarks that: “’Bored’ is about an on and off relationship that keeps cycling around and repeating itself. I wanted the lyrics and feel of the song to mimic the feeling of boredom in a fun, offhand kind of way, almost like a nursery rhyme.”

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Connor Mac – “Spacemen”

“Spacemen” by New Zealand artist and producer Connor Mac is an enthralling soul/pop ballad. The song describes the feeling of one being completely safe when in the company of their significant other. Delivered in velvety vocals, the singer is backed by a smooth instrumentation that includes delicious electric guitar riffs. Connor wrote, produced and mixed “Spacemen” himself and perhaps that gives the song such an intimate touch.

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Kevin Julien x Josiah Ruff – “The Longer You Leave It The Harder It’s Gonna Get*

Producer and artist Kevin Julien joined forces with singer Josiah Ruff to deliver the song, “The Longer You Leave It The Harder It’s Gonna Get”. Although written a couple of years back, Kevin felt this was the most appropriate time to share it. The soulful track comes escorted by a well created visual presentation.

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Deer Fellow – “Each Night “

Austin-based US indie folk-pop duo Deer Fellow (Matt Salois and Alyssa Kelly) have a new song out; “Each Night” is a soulful piece about an irresistible infatuation towards a love interest. The lyrics is delivered over a melody-driven instrumentation that combines guitar, violin and piano. “Each Night” is released as the first single from the band’s upcoming EP, Words Unsaid.

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Lost Stars – “This Year’s Gonna Hurt”

Not even a quarter of 2020 had gone when most of us understood that, in a big way, the year stood ‘canceled’. For pop trio Lost Stars, that feeling got them to compose the song “This Year’s Gonna Hurt”. The output is a bewitching electronic-influenced indie-pop piece that will resonate with many a listener. “This Year’s Gonna Hurt” is the title-track of the group’s upcoming EP (Lost Stars is made up by Damian, Charley and Trey).

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Bailey Coats – “No Other Way”

Bailey Coats‘ new single “No Other Way” is a promise of ‘together forever’. The sweet, love-themed song is more of an anthem which many romantics will identify with. Considering that she’s working with – and being mentored by – a strong that includes vocal coach Robert “RAab” Stevenson, producer Wirlie Morris and songwriter Traci Hale, it’s expected that the emerging artist’s star will get brighter every new release. Bailey has accompanied “No Other Way” with a music video filmed by the beach.

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Geek Boy x  II Shae – “Bye Bye”

UK electronic producer Geek Boy has unveiled a new single. Named “Bye Bye”, the song features an emotionally rousing vocal by II Shae. It finds Geek Boy flipping a sad breakup piece into an upbeat electro-pop tune. Elements of rap are infused into “Bye Bye”, adding to it a shade of urban.

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PAPER FACE – “Only Love Together”

PAPER FACE (the duo made up of Daniel and Aden) might have just created a global hit with their latest sing “Only Love Together”. The affectionate house/pop piece carries vibrant energy and that vigor is further expressed on the music video.

With ‘Only Love Together‘,” says PAPER FACE says, “we tried to capture the feeling and energy of modern day club culture in a time where every club on planet earth is closed. We wanted to relive that feeling and picture of dancing and being at an optimum level of happiness at a party back in our minds. That‘s really all there is to it.

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Here is a link to all New Release Friday curation.

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