Laurent storms the stage with his debut single, “Paradise”

For his debut single named “Paradise”, Norwegian singer and songwriter Laurent melds R&B and pop elements to present us with a sexy and electrifying jam. Carrying mid-tempo beats and a bouncy bassline, there’s addition of chill melodies. Laurent co-wrote the song with Mazen Awad, who also produced it.

“To me, ‘Paradise’ is about how easily you forget where you’re from, what you stand for, and simply who you really are. When I was in the studio with the producer, Mazen, we talked about how a lot of things around us seemed superficial. That the intentions of the people being around us, both professionally and personally, were not for a deeper understanding of us. That they have a temporary facade with a short-term plan. Some do it deliberately with an evil agenda to benefit themselves, others do it unconsciously because of their insecurities. It is a facade that many have. You often build the facade because you do not want to feel alone. Being afraid to be yourself, in the uncertainty that someone will not like you for who you are, makes you build a ‘character’ that hides and protects you.”


Laurent (whose birth-name is Laurent Kelmendi) recently inked a management agreement with Made Management. The record, however, arrives on his own record label.

[Update] Below is the acoustic version of the song.

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