Pathway to Aetheria Is All About Em’s Passion For Tarot, Spirituality, And Enlightenment

New Jersey-bred multi-talented retro-pop artist Em has just released Pathway To Aetheria, her new album, in which she shares her journey towards enlightenment, and reflects upon the process she had to go through in order to understand and realize the importance of protecting her energy from toxic individual and forces that she had previously allowed to revolve around her life. 

Filled with spiritual and mythological references, the eight songs listed on Pathway To Aetheria are probably the most personal ones she has ever written in her life, mostly composed in the earliest stages of her career in music. Raw, authentic, and incredibly well-built and produced, this full-album is set to showcase a different facet of her personality than her previous self-titled one, and strengthen her presence in her unique retro-pop niche. 

Em is on her way to healing the many listeners that will come across Pathway To Aetheria, and she does so by exposing her own healing process that shook her life upside down, from experiencing feelings of anxiety, sorrow, grief, and mourning, to bringing back forgiveness, healing, and acceptance, and finding back her divine truth in her life. 

Stream Pathway To Aetheria below:

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