BriGuel Shares New EP 2020 Vision featuring Andres Gonzalez

Visionary artist couple BriGuel joined forces with Andres Gonzalez on their latest collection of tracks, regrouped under the album 2020 Vision. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the BLM movement, 2020 Vision is a major album addressing all these issues at once, and offering an alternative vision to understand world events in a new light. Their bilingual Hip-Hop/Pop crossover album is in perfect alignment with everything the couple have been creating these past few years, and this album was inspired by their previous collaboration with Andres Gonzales, one of the co-founders of the HLF, an organization helping change the lives of the youth in Baltimore through mindfulness, meditation, and various other activities. 

BriGuel’s main mission is to make people feel inspired, connected and empowered, as they stated in their latest interview with Rollacoaster Magazine. Influenced by pop, electro-pop, r&b, motown, EDM, and dance, BriGuel sees music as a healing and necessary process, to make the world a better place through unity, strength, and awareness. Uplifting and inspiring, 2020 Vision is the kind of album that will build momentum over time, as listeners and people slowly get accustomed to the substantial messages it holds, and we are more than excited to share this sonic masterpiece with our avid readers and listeners. 

Stream BriGuel’s 2020 Vision below:

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