New Release Friday: 12 new songs out on July 17th

New Release Friday returns this week with a selection of 12 impressive songs.

Now O Later x Jaime Deraz – “Hole In My Heart”

Chinese DJ/Producer Now O Later has once again teamed up with vocalist and songwriter Jaime Deraz for a track. The EDM song is named “Hole In My Heart” and follows from their previous collaborative effort, “Bittersweet”. It sounds upbeat and euphoric despite its emotive lyrics; the composition is about the yearning for a relationship to work out even when all indications suggest that it won’t.

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VAANCE x Deerock x Alexis Donn – “Do Not Disturb”

US electronic producers VAANCE and Deerock, who hail from Ohio and Long Island, respectively, and Nashville-based vocalist Alexis Donn linked up for a new jam that might just become a summer anthem. “Do Not Disturb” is a catchy house/pop track that will infect the listener with a party-loving abandon. Its addictive hook, delicious melodies, beautiful vocals and joyous lyrics all combine to give the track its irresistible vibe. “Do Not Disturb” is out via Soave Records.

<<Find VAANCE, Deerock and Alexis on Instagram

Halle Abadi – “Summersong”

Halle Abadi is an LA-based pop artist with Persian and Afghani roots. The 19-year-old surely has a thing for catchy melodies which she preferably delivers against an EDM backdrop. Her newest effort “Summersong” is a sun-soaked tune that belongs to the clubs as much as it fits well into personal playlists. It was produced by C-Ray and written by Halle alongside EVOLSI.

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Beau Diako x COCO – “Animal”

British producer, songwriter, and guitarist Beau Diako has shared his first release of 2020. The single is christened “Animal” and features vocals of South California artist COCO. It’s an R&B-inflected electro-pop tune created with an alternative approach. It’s multi-layered production accords some space for the singer to wow listeners with his soft vocals. “Animal” follows Beau’s 2019 debut EP.

<<Find Beau Diako and COCO on Instagram>>

Emili – “On And On”

“On And On” is the song that Emili, a 20-year-old New Haven, Connecticut based singer-songwriter, is premiering today. It is a jazzy piece with a gripping piano and beautiful melodies. Emili’s affecting vocals serves as a proper instrument for delivering her emotional lyrics. “I wrote this song last summer when all my songs started sounding the same. Every time I put a pen to a piece of paper, I would find that everything I wrote down seemed to be questioning my future and the feeling that I wasn’t moving forward,” she says. The artist who is currently studying at Yale University participated in Chinese Idol when she was 15 and was ranked third.

<<Find Emili on Instagram>>

Nyah Grace – “My Sista Told Me”

Nyah Grace is getting ready to drop her debut album, Honey-Coloured. Today, the teenage singer shares a new double-A side single which carries the tracks “My Sista Told Me” and “I Don’t Really”. Highlighted above is “My Sista Told Me”, a smooth soul jam with awesome grooves. Honey-Coloured arrives July 24.

<<Find Nyah Grace on Instagram>>

Mayne Maesby x Yxng Effa – “Addicted”

“Addicted” is an new Afrobeats song that paired Ghanaian artists Mayne Maesby and Yxng Effa. Upbeat, euphoric but also uplifting, it is a great summer tune. The message in the lyrics is that we can be better versions of ourselves.

<<Find Mayne Maesby and Yxng Effa on Instagram>>

Homesick Hotel – “All Love”

Dutch musician Homesick Hotel today unveiled his debut single, “All Love”. The indie-electronic pop track was written and produced by the artist himself in Amsterdam. The mixing/mastering was handled by Jordan Schultz. “All Love” is about ‘how the ups and downs of life can all be part of love’.

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Imbibe – “Sometimes”

“Sometimes” is the newest song from Imbibe, an Australian duo made up by brothers Tennyson and Holden Nobel. The pop/rock track carries an organic sound and riveting songwriting.

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TWO – “Cage Fighter”

TWO is a newly formed indie-rock duo consisting of Aja Volkman and Dan Epand, who were previously members of Nico Vega. Their album Pull The Knife Out is out now. Including the uplifting song “Cage Fighter”, the album is very personal and was written from Volkman’s perspective. Here is a link to Pull The Knife Out.

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Yasmine St.Croix – “Last Friend”

“Last Friend” is a powerful jazz/blues song that serves as the debut single for UK artist Yasmine St.Croix. It is generally an showcase of her impressive songwriting and strong voice.

<<Find Yasmine on Instagram>>

TERRIS – “All Of My Love”

After years of making tracks for hip-hop and R&B acts, Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based producer, singer and songwriter TERRIS (also known as James Fields) is debuting officially as an artist. His first single is named “All Of My Love” and it’s a great EDM/pop track.

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