American Greed act against the pandemic with new music video, “Together”

A month ago, American Greed released their new album, Together, a contemporary rock record, for the perfect listening experience during this Coronavirus outbreak. Each song is crafted with a special feel, and creates some of the most powerful and uplifting high-energy rock songs to date. 

The music video for the main single titled “Together” is a pure gem, blending footage of New York’s empty streets at the time of the lockdown with visuals from the band’s explosive live performance. 

As we all know, there is no true rock band without a great rock singer, and that role is fulfilled to a near perfection by the one and only Dave Farver who raises the heat with his unbelievable vocals. The man behind the guitar arrangement and backing vocals is Matt Arana, while Bob Guion’s rock solid bass lines bring the coherence of the sound to an unprecedented height. Mike Mesey, long time drummer for Chuck Berry, is one the highlights of the song and album, thanks to his unmatchable drumming skills. 

All in all, American Greed have created a fantastic rock album in the pure tradition of its greatest legends, and have proven their dedication and solidarity with the covid-19’s countless victims by donating all proceeds from the main single and music video to organizations across America. 

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