6 interesting bands you need to check out

These 6 songs showcase some interesting bands whose music leans towards the alternative, with genres ranging from funk and soul, to disco and rock.

Big Society – “Why Are You So Afraid To Dance”

“Why Are You So Afraid To Dance” is the latest release by Manchester-based band Big Society. It is a hazy indie pop/rock song written about the need to dispel that adolescent apprehension that can keep one from exploring beyond their comfort zone. It was recorded in the cold, isolated countryside of Worcestershire with producers David Coyle and Seadna McPahil. “Why Are You So Afraid To Dance” is an official single from the band’s forthcoming debut EP.

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Killer Whale – “Plenty Of Time”

New Orleans band Killer Whale have got a hypnotizing new song called “Plenty Of Time”. The track – released on July 31 – carries a flavorful blend of soul, funk and indie-rock. The bewitching percussion and sharp melodies are fused effortlessly and then topped up with sprinkles of psychedelia. The song is a reminder that, when there are problems in a relationship, it’s imperative to take your time in deciding whether to work things out or move on from each other. “Plenty Of Time” is lifted from the band’s upcoming EP, Tastes Like Yesterday which drops September 18 via Devil In The Woods Records.

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Little Brother Eli – “Perfect”

Little Brother Eli, the Oxford-based 4-piece, is a band we’ve covered in the past. The British outfit is back with a new song I feel you all will find captivating enough. Recorded during lockdown, “Perfect” was initially composed as a Kickstarter reward to one of their supporters but they later decided to release it as a single. The song melds disco, rock, indie-pop and electronica and the resulting tune is engagingly groovy. “Perfect” is accompanied by a video that captures each band member remotely ‘doing their thing’ in their respective homes.

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The Funk Hunters x Moontricks – “Get Up N Go”

Westwood Recordings is presenting a new track that brought together The Funk Hunters and Moontricks. “Get Up N Go” is however not the first time these Canadian duo-outfits have joined forces; their last collaboration was released about 7 years ago. This new one is as genre-blurring as the concept goes, with bluesy acoustic guitar riffs melded with disco melodies and layers of synths and bass. Altogether, the addition of soulful vocals on “Get Up N Go” underscores the track’s essence.

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Danny G & the Major 7ths x Tolü Makay x Jamel Franklin – “D.A.R.L.I.N.G.”

Irish neo-Soul band Danny G & The Major 7ths this Friday, July 31st, shared a new song, “D.A.R.L.I.N.G.”. The hiphop-inflected R&B/Soul track features Tolü Makay and Jamel Franklin (of the band Shy Mascot). It was preceded by a beautiful music video that captures the quintessence of the beautiful, passion-driven lyrics. Band leader Danny G says, “The genesis of this collaboration came from my group playing gigs with both Jamel (Shy Mascot) and Tolü, I was already a huge fan of both artists. I had the song’s chorus and beat – it gave me an early 2000’s Neo-soul vibe. Tolü and Jamel wrote their verses, the Major 7ths added their parts and the song came together really organically.

The band’s membership ranges from 5 to 8 musicians, including past or present members Hozier, Loah, Fehdah, Mary Coughlan, Zaska, Ensemble Eriu, Paj, Selk and LaGracia

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Police Car Collective – “I Guess It’s Over Now”

Liverpool’s Police Car Collective is a burgeoning two-piece outfit whose style is reminiscent of 80’s pop/rock. Made up by singer-songwriter Tyler Plazio and bassist Simon Quigley, the band draws inspiration from the likes of The 1975 and Wallows. Still, their sound is fresh as their newest single “I Guess It’s Over Now” proves. This song in particular is quite enthralling, both sonically and lyrically. It’s taken from Police Car Collective’s upcoming EP, Dog Days which to set September 4th release.

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