New song finds Deep Fried Chocolate “Addicted To The Clouds” [Video]

Deep Fried Chocolate in an Israeli pop/rock band consisting of Ishay Habari (lead vocals), Omer Biton (guitars/vocals), Guy Dahan (bass/vocals) and Ariel Hadad (drums/vocals). The 4-piece recently shared the video for their latest single, “Addicted To The Clouds”.

The visuals is sun-soaked and fun and, surely, befits the track’s chill and summery tune. Beyond the lighthearted vibes, the lyrics is so uplifting song, wholeheartedly encouraging us to follow our dreams no matter the difficulties we may encounter on the way.

Deep Fried Chocolate is a relatively new band; it was founded in 2019 by a team of young artists with big dreams. Their style blends various musical elements giving it a global appeal.


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