House music roundup: 6 songs to listen to

Here is Aipate‘s latest roundup of house and EDM music releases.

Dear Humans – “Blinded”

Electronic dance duo Dear Humans (made up of Colorado-bred producer Corey Epstein and Dutch-Tanzanian singer-songwriter Alex Who?) are releasing their latest single “Blinded” via the label Bespoke Music. It’s a hauntingly melancholic deep house track with soulful vocals and engaging melodies. The song will not only keep the listener on their feet but also compell them to sing along as they dance to the grooves. Following this track will be a string of singles that will culminate in the release of Dear Humans’ upcoming EP.

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Alex Adair – “Real for Me”

“Real For Me” is a deep house anthem by British DJ/producer Alex Adair. The track sees the dance music aficionado flipping James Morrison’s “You Make It Real” hit. Alex explains: “I first got the inspiration for the song when James Morrisson ‘You Make It Real’ came on the radio while I was in the car. For some weird reason I thought ‘someone could sample this and turn it into a dance track’. Next time I was in the studio I gave it a go and it just worked. I’ve always loved the original James Morrison track, so it was cool to be able to take some of the vocals and flip it into something completely different, without it sounding like just a dance cover.” Out on B1 Recordings, the track can find a spot in any summer playlist.

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GATTÜSO x Love Harder – “Cruel”

It’s only a few weeks ago that we shared New York-based DJ and producer GATTÜSO‘s exciting collaboration with Laidback Luke and Sarah Reeves. This was after he’d just signed to Ultra Music. This time round, the EDM specialist has joined forces with emerging producer Love Harder for a vibrant new dance tune. Christened “Cruel”, the song features an enchanting female vocal. Beyond the awesome grooves, the song is lyrically deep enough to give the listener something to ponder upon.

<<Find GATTÜSO and Love Harder on Instagram>>

Dave Carter – “Get Out”

“Get Out” is the debut single by UK dance artist Dave Carter. It is a chill, laidback EDM track with hints of pop. Carrying punchy kicks, catchy melodies and emotional vocals, “Get Out” sounds so fresh. It has those The Chainsmokers’ vibes.

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ETERNUM – “Get Back Up”

20-year-old electronic artist Gaurav Jategaonkar (a.k.a. ETERNUM) recently created and released “Get Back Up”, an hymn-like EDM/pop anthem. The message behind lyrics is so uplifting and something we all should find inspiring. Musically, “Get Back Up” is a slow-building track which imbues ambiance and melodies provided by the soft guitar.

<<Find ETERNUM on Instagram>>

DJ VEKTOR x OKVRU – “Still Alive”

“Still Alive” is a new dance record by Indian producer DJ VEKTOR. Out on Bluestone Records, it paired him with fellow producer, OKVRU. Together, the newcomers created an enjoyable tune with a lovely vocal.

For more music by them, you’ll be pleased to learn that VEKTOR, for example, has lined up a series of releases, including an upcoming collaboration with SIKBOI.

<<Find VECTOR on Instagram>>

Check out more of our house music selections.

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