Stream Michele Garruti’s Magnetic Field Of Beauty: Glitch

Michele Garruti is one of the most talented neo-classical composers of his generation. He releases a highly anticipated record Glitch, a collection of piano-driven anthems that share memories, creation, sadness and joy, the essence of the cycle of life itself.

This album is simply an extraordinary and intoxicating masterpiece, capturing a myriad of emotions, some ordinary and some less, and yet all addressed with a sure understanding of magic, and contrasting between an introspective mood and an openness to the world. 

The somber yet glorious crescendos accompany the listener to explosive climaxes, where all our emotions merge into a magnetic field that marks our spirits and remains in our very souls. Garruti is a master of contrast, dichotomy, and one of the most celebrated translators of life into music.  

From dark empty spaces to positive vibrations, this heavenly beautiful record is very special in all aspects, and creates a timeless moment of bliss that sparks a beacon of hope in these troubled times. 

Garruti delivers a magical tracklist to the world, where audiences will re-discover poetry, joy and sorrow, as well as bliss, eternal beauty and creation in its utmost purity. 

Highlighting the breadth of Michele Garruti’s innate talent, Glitch cements his rise on the international music stage and is set to spark mass appreciation across the globe. 


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