Hear “Venus in Leo” by Carly Taylor

Chicago-native folk-pop artist Carly Taylor‘s latest single “Venus in Leo” is brilliant in many aspects. From it’s enchanting instrumentation to the impassioned delivery, it is guaranteed to glue the listener’s finger to the repeat button.

The song is about self-love. The emerging singer-songwriter explains that “it’s about loving yourself in a big, showy & proud Leo way. Venus is the planet of love & Leo rules the heart. In my birth chart it makes me a fiery, passionate person who loves to shower my loved ones, friends and family, & shout it out to the whole world. But that can’t happen until I’m fully in love with myself! So I’m shamelessly singing out to the world to do the same. To be confident and create a big wave of love around the orbit

Carly Taylor is just getting started. In fact, she only released her debut single “Howl” back in April and clearly has a promising future. Keep tabs with her on Instagram.

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