Ashley Sienna covers the entire Pop spectrum in one song: “When I’m Single”

Canadian singer-songwriter Ashley Sienna recently released the song “When I’m Single”. It arrived as the first track from her upcoming EP Out Of My Head (the young artist has since shared the follow-up single named “My Phone Died”). Sonically, it’s inspired by a myriad of influences throughout the pop spectrum, thanks to a multifaceted approach and desire to uplift the crowds. 

Ashley Sienna is only 17 years old, but she clearly knows what she wants and how to get it. Her popularity began when she released her first song at only 11 years old, and has since continued her fast evolution in music, writing many original songs, both with piano and guitar. 

Her ethereal vocals and incredibly positive energy is what strikes throughout “When I’m Single”. The upbeat song simply reassures anyone feeling down that being single is great, and that one should enjoy it while it lasts. Free from the responsibilities of commitment and looking after one’s family, being single is one of the best moments of our lives, and we should make the best out of it. 

Ashley Sienna does not leave indifferent, no matter what she does. She has performed at some prestigious venues across Canada, her music has been played in the UK, and she has been nominated and won many awards. 

An artist to watch closely in 2020, Ashley Sienna is positioning herself ideally for the release of her first EP release.


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