Monokino transcends cultures and releases a fusion between East and West on new music video, “No Return”

George van Wetering, better known as the lead singer of the Dutch band Monokino, is gaining the attention of the press thanks to his latest release, a jaw-dropping music video titled “No Return.” Monokino is part of the growing roster at Modern Sky, a Chinese record company that works with many foreign acts. 

George found the inspiration to create this song while having many doubts about staying in China where he lived, and the reason for his doubts were his professional and personal situation there. With the Covid-19 situation paralysing the whole world, George van Wetering was stuck in Amsterdam. In a way, destiny made the choice for him, and he didn’t go back to China. 

Monokino decided to translate the lyrics of “No Return” to Chinese, to give the song a mysterious and bittersweet feel absent in the english version. He has already performed the song live, and got many positive returns, especially for his highly noticed performance of singing in Chinese. 

After releasing the single, he paired it with a music video that was shot in China, and beautifully complements the song by displaying visuals that distill blurry and floating vibes, in total harmony with the music. 


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