New Release Friday: 15 new songs out on October 2

New Release Friday roundup & playlist is out for the week of October 2.

Isabela Merced x Danna Paola – “Don’t Go”

With her new single “Don’t Go”, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Isabela Merced is celebrating her Peruvian/Latin roots. The song paired her with her Mexican counterpart Danna Paola and the duo got to create a Latin-pop track that connects the old and new worlds. “Don’t Go” was written by Isabela together with her regular collaborators Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo. The cinematic video that accompanies the song was filmed in both Mexico City and LA.

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Adameant x DCS Lefty – “Airplane Mode”

Producer DCS Lefty has built a brand around his unique style which blends hip-hop beats with soulful jazz samples. Earlier in the year, he signed with Roadetrix Records and on the label, he’s released some lovely tunes. His latest piece “Airplane Mode” is a collaboration with emerging artist & songwriter Adameant. The vibey-yet-insightful song tackles the issue of social media addiction. Adameant explains: “often times we get caught up in the moment — searching for likes, counting our followers and comparing ourselves to people on our feed. what about the moment we’re missing? what if we took that moment and instead of pursuing our phone, we pursued each other? what if we’re not defined by our phone or an app, but we’re defined by who we are as a person? what if we put it in AIRPLANE MODE?

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Sunstone – “Tell You When I’m Done”

London band Sunstone have unveiled a new single called “Tell U When I’m Done”. It’s a soulful jam reminiscent of 90s R&B. With immersive grooves, smooth vocals and beautiful harmonies, we are given a taste of what to expect from the collective’s forthcoming album. “Tell U When I’m Done” arrives as the third track lifted from that LP (we previously shared the first track, “Side Games“).

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Amari Mar x Jadin Shropshire – “Black Business”

With #BlackLivesMatter campaign probably at its most active, a number of songs have been written about the social and political predicaments of Black People in America. In a new track by emcees Amari Mar and Jadin Shropshire, the economic perspective is explored. “Black Business” is generally a thought-provoking and enlightening hip-hop piece. Amari says that the song is about “Black economics and building and obtaining wealth within the black community. I personally feel this subject matter doesn’t get talked about in songs from black artists with a few exceptions.” The track will appear on his upcoming album dropping early next year.

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Carmanah – “Bang Bang”

Carmanah‘s new album Iris has finally arrived. Throughout the 10-song collection, the independent Canadian outfit engages listeners with their uniquely blended style. One of the tracks on the album is their cover of Sonny Bono’s classic, “Bang Bang”. Their version does justice justice to the song’s legacy.

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ARI – “Murderer”

Toronto native ARI is one of the fastest rising Canadian newcomers. Following the success of her debut EP, IDIOT GIRL, the young pop singer/songwriter has returned with a new single named “Murderer”. This is itself the first track from her planned new EP, Kiss Me, Kill Me (due October 30). It was inspired by ARI’s own experiences with a volatile relationship. She says: “‘Murderer’ is an ode to the pain you feel when a love dies. It’s about all of that anger, sadness, and frantic emotion that seems to overwhelm you all at once. It makes you feel crazy. I think at some point, even if only for a moment, everyone has felt that soul-shattering heartache. This song is my way of letting out all of those feelings and hopefully it can do the same for others.

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Christy – “When We Get Old”

Glasgow’s very own Christy has become known for wearing his heart on his sleeve. And so that’s what the indie-pop singer-songwriter does with his latest piece, “When We Get Old”. The touchingly honest songwriting, paired with his haunting voice, is once again on display. “‘When We Get Old’ is based on a real conversation I had with my then girlfriend. I wanted to put across the idea that to be right here and now, in the moment, is the most important place to be, especially with being in love,” Christy explains. Prior to this new release, the Made Records artist had dropped his debut EP titled Homegrown.

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Becky Hill – “Space”

Becky Hill is one hell of an ‘anthem machine’. The UK vocalist and songwriter is back with another song named “Space”. This one was produced by Mark Ralph, Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala and comes in her signature energetic dance-pop style. As the London artist engages us with one hit after another, she’s inching closer to the release of her debut album, this being the third single lifted from it. Her previous one “Heaven On My Mind”, which is easily my favourite from her, was followed by a spellbinding acoustic version. Becky linked up with director Carly Cussen for the music video.

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Sir Matty x Lyon Hart – “Brand New Day”

Singer-songwriter Lyon Hart and producer Matty V did link up once again, three years after their last collaboration. The new song they’ve released is called “Brand New Day” and is an uplifting electro-pop tune. Lyon Hart reveals that “‘Brand New Day’ was born in the midst of the darkest days of the pandemic, when New York City was all but abandoned and things were bleak. We wrote this song as a reminder to everyone – and to ourselves – to not let yourself give into darkness and despair, but instead to keep looking toward the future. It’s a manifesto for everyone who hasn’t given up hope yet.

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GALXARA x Party Pupils – “I Miss The Days”

GALXARA is back with a brand new single, “I Miss The Days”. Featuring future funk duo Party Pupils, and working with French-born Tokyo-based producer Vantage, the pop singer gives her fans another one to jam to. “I Miss The Days” is not only groovy but also evokes the listener’s emotions. The track is released on the back of GALXARA and Trevi Moran’s remix of her single “Jealous Of Myself”.

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Seolo x Joseph Feinstein – “Fake Love”

Hungarian producer Seolo has unveiled a new single called “Fake Love”. The melodic EDM track features vocals of Berlin-based German vocalist Joseph Feinstein. Altogether, its vibrant sound betrays the emotions behind the lyrics. Seolo admits that “the song and its title was inspired by my last love experience. I met a girl in a ski camp. We were into each other, had a lot of fun but the love was pretended. Our personality didn’t mach which also resulted in an early end of the relationship.” It is out on 2Dutch Records.

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Elise Go – “Lonelier with You”

Californian pop artist Elise Go artist has a new single out. Titled “Lonelier With You”, it sees the LA-based artist deviating into a darker style. Over a groovy electro-pop instrumentation, she delivers heart-gripping lyrics. “’Lonelier With You’ is quite a departure from my previous singles. It’s a dark dance pop track that incorporates lush synths, funky guitars, and Asian pentatonic melodies, that takes you on a personal journey to the middle of heartbreak. Often, we get so caught up in wanting to be with someone, we don’t realize that when we’re with them, they actually make us feel more lonely than we were in the first place,” says Elise.

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The King’s Parade – “Brother”

London alt-pop band The King’s Parade have a new single called “Brother” out now. The rock influenced song is billed as the third track from their upcoming debut album. The previous two are “Mario” and “How Long?”, with latter receiving rave reviews from the likes of The Independent. The King’s Parade are known for their catchy yet non-generic style of music and “Brother” embodies precisely that.

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nxtime – “A Boy Named Johnny Gates”

nxtime is a New York pop/rock duo made up of singer-songwriter and producer Ray Rubio and guitarist Nate Thompson. Making music with a retro pop favour, the band has remained excitingly fresh. “A Boy Named Johnny Gates”, their latest single, is engagingly upbeat. In contrast, however, its lyrics is more profound. “The song has a dual meaning. On one hand it’s about leaving a bad relationship, and on the other it’s about leaving your ego behind. I gave my ego the fictional name of Johnny Gates”, explains Ray.

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Ed Prosek – “Now and Then”

“Now and Then” is a folksy new song from Berlin-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Ed Prosek. The contemplative and moving song piece gets its edge from the singer’s affecting voice and gentle guitars and melodies. About it, he says: “’Now and Then’ is about man’s everlasting struggle against time. Life is a long road and the decisions we make early on sometimes have insurmountable consequences for better or worse. When we look back on life, regardless of the current crossroads, there is often a deep nostalgia for opportunities lost to decisions made long ago. The weight of this nostalgia clings to us, weighing us down like a ball and chain and only the forgiveness and acceptance of the past unburdens us.”

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