Exploring Soul & Funk: 5 songs to listen to

Here are five newly released songs to groove to; the first three are funkier while the last two are more soulful.

The Capitol – “Vaporize”

Austin, Texas-based band The Capitol is all about maintaining the legacy of funk, a genre whose influence on mainstream pop music goes without saying. Their debut single “Vaporize” is a culmination of two years of writing, rehearsals and performances. It is an energy-filled song with delicious grooves and multiple layers of lush melodies. The soulful vocals adds to the ebullient vibes conjured by the instrumentation. The track required input from a host of musicians; Garrison Moore (vocals), G.R. Chiappe (guitar), Tim Smith (drums & percussion), Thomas Denning (bass), Eric Baker (organ & keys), William Wright (trombone), Andrew McLemore (tenor sax), Jose Carlos Izquierdo (trumpet), Duncan Waldrop (trumpet) and Chase Ozment (congas), each of whom diligently did their part.

dB Astrals – “Explicit Behaviour”

“Explicit Behaviour” is the debut single by Romanian outfit dB Astrals. The song features infectious vocals of Orlando Berneanu. It is a funky tune with pop influences. dB Astrals are working on an EP and you can expect to find this song on the upcoming project.

Manhatan feat. Jay Sebag – “We Are One”

French Musician Manhatan (producer) and Jay Sebag (singer/songwriter) have just shared a jam that will transport you back in time. “We Are One” combines elements of retro-soul, pop, funk and electronica and the result is purely genius. Jay Sebag, supported with a number of background singers, delivers warming vocals to accompany the track.

Jordan Mackampa – “Magic”

You probably have heard of Jordan Mackampa, a British soul artist of Congolese descent. If not, his latest single “Magic” is a great way to dive into the world of the fast-rising the singer/songwriter. Soothing vocals smoothed with pleasant harmonies best describes Jordan’s delivery on the Dani Castelar-produced track. Taken off of his upcoming 11-song album (Foreigner), “Magic” is that love song you can dance and sing along to. About it, he says: “This is a bossa nova/samba/ infused feel good kinda track about when you can’t get someone off your mind. You’ve had one taste and you want more!

Sunstone – “Side Games”

“Side Games” is a song by London-based R&B/Soul band Sunstone. Written from the perspective a girl who’s not into the idea of being the ‘girl on the side’, the song is lyrically enagging. The collective is working on an album and this track serves as the first single off of it.

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